Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why should I host a Jamberry party?

Can’t get enough of Jamberry Nails? Well, we can’t get enough of you either. If you love sharing your new look with friends, why not host a party? Jamberry parties are a ton of fun and a great way for you to earn free nail wraps.

1. You and an experienced Jamberry Nails consultant work together to choose a date and time, then you invite your friends, family and neighbors.

2. Any food, decorations and beverages you want to offer are totally up to you.

3. During the party, you get to be the hostess with the mostess, while the Jamberry consultant will demonstrate the application process and help your guests try one-finger samples.

Why should I host a Jamberry party?

Because you can earn some awesome REWARDS!! Rewards = FREE Jamberry products!!

Host a $100 party and you'll receive a free nail wrap of your choice. And, if your friends want to follow your lead, you can earn even more products. Take a look below to see what awards are available.

If a potential recruit hosts a party, she can apply her hostess rewards towards her Starter Kit, earning up to 50% off the cost. After redeeming kit credit, the hostess may still claim the renaming balance of hostess rewards.
There is a fee of $5.00+ applicable taxes, shipping fee for hostess rewards and they are sent separately from your party order. Product credit cannot be applied to taxes OR to shipping. However you do not pay taxes on the free product, only the subtotal, if there is any, and of course shipping fees. You have up to 5 days after the party closes to redeem your prizes and your consultant must redeem the hostess rewards for you. Therefore it is important to keep in touch with your consultant and let her know as soon as possible which rewards you would like to redeem. You are NOT obligated to redeem all of the rewards or any of them for that matter.

Here is how it works:

The first reward you can earn is a FREE sheet of nail wraps. Of course EVERYONE will want to redeem that reward! (Unless you don’t want to pay the $5 shipping charge, which is absolutely fine.)

The second reward is product credit. Most products average about $15 USD/$17 CAD +. If you earn $20.00 in product credit and you select a sheet of wraps, you would have $3 to $5 left over. You can choose to select another product under that reward to consume the balance OR you can skip to the next reward.

The third reward is the half off items and of course you can choose to redeem them or not.

The fourth reward is the discount on the hostess order OVER AND ABOVE all of the previous rewards. So you will not get this reward unless you have redeemed all of the rest of the rewards. Again, you do not have to redeem this reward.

The fifth reward is the hostess exclusive items. Each month Jamberry dedicates a wrap design that is exclusive to our hosts. If you earn this reward, they are mailed automatically to you. However, you will only receive the wrap of the current month with your first order and then you will receive the other month(s) usually the first or second week of that month.

The sixth reward is FREE SHIPPING!! This can be a huge savings to our clients that reside in Canada who pay a minimum of $10 shipping for orders totaling $200.00 or less and the freedom to place an order directly on the website and not have to wait for a bulk order. Any order that totals over $250USD or $200CAD automatically qualifies for free shipping! A shipping code will be sent to you via email.

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