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Jamberry’s Colour of the Year 2015: Marsala

 Pantone’s announcement of the colour of the year is a big deal in the fashion world. The new colour is usually a reflection of style trends, and every designer, stylist, and makeup company has fun incorporating the newest colour fad in their designs and styles. Jamberry has lots of fun taking the new color to your nails!   Shop the latest collection today!


The newest colour of the year is called Marsala and it is a lot like a rich Marsala wine. The reddish-brown hue features natural earth-tones, characteristic of exotic spices. The sophisticated yet neutral shade allows you to pair designs in the Colour of the Year collection with your personal sense of style. I’m so excited to share the new Jamberry Marsala designs.

Shop the latest collection today!

DIY Cuticle Care

Make an overnight cuticle treatment with a little bit of olive oil and cocoa butter using this great step by step tutorial. Your cuticles will thank you!

Valentine's Day

Give your nails a little extra flair with these adorable Valentine themed wraps. Wear them alone or with complementary wraps for extra loving contrast. You can order them from me here or you can find me on Facebook and together we can set up a party so you can earn them for FREE!

Try A Sample

Want to try Jamberry nail wraps before you buy a sheet? Simply request your FREE SAMPLE!
or take the 7 Day Challenge. I guarantee you are going to love your new Jams!!

Commitment to Charity

I'm SO EXCITED!!! Check it out.... a NEW WRAP! Who's going to get theirs today??

Since February is Heart Health Awareness Month, we are happy to announce that we've partnered with the American Heart Association to create a new charity wrap that will help the fight against heart disease. On average, 1 in 3 women dies from heart disease, and as an organization founded by women, Jamberry wants to join the fight.

The Heart Health Awareness wraps (which is a There's More wrap) are available for purchase and a $2 donation will be given to the AHA with each wrap sold. Wear Red Day (a day dedicated to heart disease awareness), is quickly approaching on February 6.

We hope you will join us in this cause and order your Heart Health Awareness wraps soon so you can join us in wearing red next Friday.

Shop here to get your Heart Health Awareness wraps today!

A Video Guide For Applying Jamberry Nail Wraps

A very detailed video on how to properly apply your Jamberry nail wraps and Jamberry Nails Application Tips & Tricks!

Quick Removal Process: Heat the shields with a blowdryer for 15 seconds. Then break the seal by getting under the edge of the shield with your opposite thumb nail. Slowly peel the shield from side to side. If the Nail Shields are not peeling easily or the adhesive is still bonded to the nail bed then follow the Gentle Removal Process.

Gentle Removal Process:
Soak the Nail Shields in nail polish remover for 20-30 seconds and gently rub them off. Soaking will break down the adhesive bond and allow them to easily slide of the nail bed.

After Removal: You can use alcohol/polish remover to clean your nails from residue. What I noticed when I remove Jamberry nails is some nail shields peeled off some nails with them. Although the peeling occurred, it didn’t weaken my nails. I was told by a Jamberry nail rep regarding this problem. Basically, many things can cause this. So apply cuticle oil often, buff gently and give rest for nails before applying another Jamberry shields set. I’ll try the gentle removal process next time and see if this helps.If you are interested in trying Jamberry nail shields, hosting a party or becoming a Jamberry consultant, feel free to visit my website at

How To Use A Full Sheet

There are 18 nail wraps on a sheet, 2 of each size which can be cut into half to make 4 of each size. You can do 2 sets of fingers and 1 set of toes from one sheet. They last about 2 weeks on your fingers and an average of 6-8 weeks on your toes. This is enough to do 2-3 manicures or pedicures.

Jamberry Nail Wraps Quick application guide!

Here's a nifty guide that will help you when applying your Jamberry nail wraps. 

 How Long Should I Heat My Wraps?

I personally use the mini heater and I highly recommend it for heating up your nail wraps. The mini heater provides the right amount of heat for Jamberry nail wrap application. Heaters are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Why should I host a Jamberry party?

Can’t get enough of Jamberry Nails? Well, we can’t get enough of you either. If you love sharing your new look with friends, why not host a party? Jamberry parties are a ton of fun and a great way for you to earn free nail wraps.

1. You and an experienced Jamberry Nails consultant work together to choose a date and time, then you invite your friends, family and neighbors.

2. Any food, decorations and beverages you want to offer are totally up to you.

3. During the party, you get to be the hostess with the mostess, while the Jamberry consultant will demonstrate the application process and help your guests try one-finger samples.

Why should I host a Jamberry party?

Because you can earn some awesome REWARDS!! Rewards = FREE Jamberry products!!

Host a $100 party and you'll receive a free nail wrap of your choice. And, if your friends want to follow your lead, you can earn even more products. Take a look below to see what awards are available.

If a potential recruit hosts a party, she can apply her hostess rewards towards her Starter Kit, earning up to 50% off the cost. After redeeming kit credit, the hostess may still claim the renaming balance of hostess rewards.
There is a fee of $5.00+ applicable taxes, shipping fee for hostess rewards and they are sent separately from your party order. Product credit cannot be applied to taxes OR to shipping. However you do not pay taxes on the free product, only the subtotal, if there is any, and of course shipping fees. You have up to 5 days after the party closes to redeem your prizes and your consultant must redeem the hostess rewards for you. Therefore it is important to keep in touch with your consultant and let her know as soon as possible which rewards you would like to redeem. You are NOT obligated to redeem all of the rewards or any of them for that matter.

Here is how it works:

The first reward you can earn is a FREE sheet of nail wraps. Of course EVERYONE will want to redeem that reward! (Unless you don’t want to pay the $5 shipping charge, which is absolutely fine.)

The second reward is product credit. Most products average about $15 USD/$17 CAD +. If you earn $20.00 in product credit and you select a sheet of wraps, you would have $3 to $5 left over. You can choose to select another product under that reward to consume the balance OR you can skip to the next reward.

The third reward is the half off items and of course you can choose to redeem them or not.

The fourth reward is the discount on the hostess order OVER AND ABOVE all of the previous rewards. So you will not get this reward unless you have redeemed all of the rest of the rewards. Again, you do not have to redeem this reward.

The fifth reward is the hostess exclusive items. Each month Jamberry dedicates a wrap design that is exclusive to our hosts. If you earn this reward, they are mailed automatically to you. However, you will only receive the wrap of the current month with your first order and then you will receive the other month(s) usually the first or second week of that month.

The sixth reward is FREE SHIPPING!! This can be a huge savings to our clients that reside in Canada who pay a minimum of $10 shipping for orders totaling $200.00 or less and the freedom to place an order directly on the website and not have to wait for a bulk order. Any order that totals over $250USD or $200CAD automatically qualifies for free shipping! A shipping code will be sent to you via email.

What is a Jamberry Catalogue Party?

An alternative to a home party or Facebook party is a catalog party. Your consultant will provide you with a few catalogs and samples that you can share with your family, friends and co-workers at social engagements, at work or at school.  Then, you collect orders and submit them on or before a date/time established by you and your consultant.  The rewards work exactly the same as with any party!

What is an online Jamberry Facebook party?

Not really into the direct sales home party scene or simply just don’t have time? NO PROBLEM!

You can host an online Facebook party so everyone can participate from the comfort of their homes via their laptop or mobile device, wherever that may be. Here’s the lowdown on how it works: You create a Facebook Event with the help of your consultant. Facebook parties typically last between 2 and 5 days. Once your consultant customizes and sets up the details of the event, you invite all your  family and friends on Facebook. During the party, your consultant will post Jamberry information and images, play a few games, ask questions, answer questions and will accept orders from your guests.  If your party does really well, your consultant might even set up a giveaway and extend the duration of your party! All you have to do is share you enthusiasm and excitement about Jamberry, tag your family/friends in some of the posts, encourage your guests to place orders and watch the hostess rewards roll in!!

What are you waiting for?

What is a Jamberry home party?

Jamberry home parties are an awesome excuse to get together with the girls! Your consultant will come to your home with a variety of samples and everything required for the application. Then we will have some laughs, enjoy some tasty beverages and snacks (not necessary, but nice for your guests) and everyone will get Jammed up! We like to combine home parties with a Facebook event, that way your guests will have an opportunity to ask questions before or after the party, check out some more info and easily place orders after the party if they choose to do so. Also, if a guest can’t make it to the home party, they can still feel like they are a part of it!

Friday, January 30, 2015

So You Think You Might Want to be a Jamberry Consultant?

Jamberry nails began with a simple idea of helping women everywhere find a new way to express themselves. It grew into the easiest way to get noticed and complimented all day long. Jamberry Nail Wraps are so easy to sell and you'll be doing your own self-marketing. Wear your jams and people naturally are going to want to know, "Where did you get your nails done?" Then BAM! That's when you share what you do. You can sell them anywhere to family, friends, co-workers etc. The sky is the limit. If you believe it you will succeed... and you most definitely will. (especially with great support from both Jamberry Nails and my team)

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started?
Your Consultant Kit is $99 plus S/H. That's it the price you pay! There are no autoships, monthly quotas or inventory needed to get started. You will get everything you need to start your new business.

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?
Jamberry Nails offers 30% commissions on personal sales. By becoming a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, you also get 30% discounts on your nail sheet purchases. You will also be given the opportunity to sponsor new Consultants as you build a team. If you decide that you would like to build a team, you can earn sponsorship commissions and group bonuses for reaching monthly sales goals. Jamberry Nails offers up to 19% sponsorship commissions, which is one of the highest in the industry.

 The following chart outlines commission bonus levels:

Your earning potential doesn't stop there! In addition to your base commission, there are additional bonuses and overrides you can earn on your downline alsoif you choose to build a team. You can earn 3-12% on their Commissionable Retail Volume (CRV) which is 65% of their PRV. You can view leaning videos when you join that help explain all of this in great detail.

 You can also earn credit for free retail products and awesome bonuses during your Fast Start period.

Full Training and Support
When choosing a direct sales company to join, you need to take the first step. Find a sponsor. My main goal is to adhere to Jamberry Nails mission by helping other women to feel beautiful, confident and able to achieve financial freedom. I am committed to helping you rise and reach the top of your financial goals and aspirations.

I will be your personal cheerleader and coach. When you achieve, we all achieve and when you need a little bit of encouragement we are all here to support you. You will never be left alone in this business, no matter how well you are doing. Your team will always have your back.

Need some assistance in achieving your goals? Whether it's reaching a certain rank, increasing your sales, gaining personal development etc. You will have assistance and a plan of action to strive and to achieve all your goals. Everyone needs to have a "why." Why are you doing this business? Why do you want to succeed? There could be a number of reasons. Maybe because you are in debt, you want to support your children, inspire other women, be a part of a movement, go to college or maybe you just want to make more money. When you have established your why's you will than have a clear understanding on what you want to strive for.

Receive Exclusive Training. Once you become a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant, you will automatically receive free training directly from Jamberry Nails through their Jamberry University program. However, as a member of my team the training won't just end there. You will gain access to training to help you to succeed. You will receive additional training and marketing tips in social media, article marketing, direct marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, relationship building and so much more. You will get access to all this additional training for free. You will learn exactly what you need to do to achieve success and be the best that you can be.

Jamberry Nails began with a simple idea of helping women everywhere find a new way to express themselves. Becoming a direct selling party company was a natural step in this mission to spread both joy and success.

If you’ve already been wearing Jamberry Nails, you know they are addictively fun. Joining Jamberry Nails as an Independent Consultant gives you a flexible, social way to earn extra income selling a product that people are actually excited to buy. Our designs are natural conversation-starters, so just wearing Jamberry Nails means you’re marketing your business.

Start your business for just $99 (USD)/ $119 (CAD) plus shipping and handling. Jamberry Nails will send you a starter kit with all of the materials needed to run your own Jamberry Nails business.

The starter kit contains the following:
• 50 Catalogs
• 25 Brochures
• 100 Order Forms
• Rubber Cuticle Pusher
• 50 Orange Sticks
• 5 Nail Files
• Mini Heater
• Alcohol Wipes
• Consultant Guide
• 3 Buffers
• 3 Sets of Scissors
• 50 Sample Cards
• 1 Sheet of Jamberry Nails
• Credit to Order 3 Sheets of Nails of Your Choosing
• 3 Months of Use on Your Personal Website

If a potential recruit hosts a party, she can apply her hostess rewards towards her Starter Kit, earning up to 50% off the cost. After redeeming kit credit, the hostess may still claim the renaming balance of hostess rewards. 

I would love to have you on my team and I will coach you every step of the way!

Contact me at anytime with questions you may have. I'm very happy to help in any way I can!

Let's Talk FAQ's

1.  How much am I going to make?
At Jamberry an independent consultant's commission is 30% of the retail value of the products. Always. No changes, no gimmicks. 30% no matter your rank, no matter how much you've sold for the month.  All starting consultants make 30%.

2.  How much product do I have to buy every month to stay active?
To remain an active consultant, you will have to SELL 600 PRV of product in a rolling 12 months. This means you have to sell $600 worth of product in a 12-month period.  You aren't going to be buying it yourself obviously that's why you have customers and you most definitely will when they see just how awesome Jamberry Nail wraps truly are. There is NO requirement for consultants to purchase products to remain active in the company.

3.  What exactly is  "PRV"?
PRV stands for Personal Retail Volume.  It's equal to 100% of the retail price of the products you sell. It's how Jamberry measures your sales and gives you promotions, rewards, and benefits, which includes business supply credit, free product credit, monthly incentives and the Jamberry incentive trip (Who wants to go to Hawaii?)

4.  How many parties am I going to have to force people to host?
Force???  No way.  People will want to host Jamberry parties with you.  You can offer them different ways to host a party: In-home or online through Facebook.  You can also offer fundraisers, do vendor/temporary sales events, and host your own parties (and claim the rewards yourself). Jamberry business is done through your own personal website, so you can also collect retail orders outside of parties.  It also means orders can be shipped directly to your customers so you don't have to sort and deliver. The number of parties you have per month is entirely up to you.  There's no minimum requirement through Jamberry.  Of course, the more parties or events you have, the higher your sales, and the bigger your commission.  But it's all up to you and whatever your goals are!

5.  What's this gonna cost me?
Start your business for just $99 (USD)/ $119 (CAD) plus shipping and handling. Jamberry Nails will send you a starter kit with all of the materials needed to run your own Jamberry Nails business.

5.  When and how do I get paid?
Jamberry Nails consultants get paid their base commission one a week, every Friday. Most bonuses, overrides and product/marketing credits are paid-out on the 10th of the month after they are earned. Commission and monetary bonuses are paid via a Propay card, which also doubles as a debit/mastercard. Jamberry Nails pays the initial set up fees for the Propay card. You may transfer  your funds from your Propay account to your bank account, however you must set this up. You may also request to be paid your commission by check/cheque.

6.  What am I gonna get for signing up?
This is the best part. You will get lots and lots of products to start your business. This includes:
• 50 Catalogs
• 25 Brochures
• 100 Order Forms
• Rubber Cuticle Pusher
• 50 Orange Sticks
• 5 Nail Files
• Mini Heater
• Alcohol Wipes
• Consultant Guide
• 3 Buffers
• 3 Sets of Scissors
• 50 Sample Cards
• 1 Sheet of Jamberry Nails
• Credit to Order 3 Sheets of Nails of Your Choosing
• 3 Months of Use on Your Personal Website

7.  Am I going to sign up and never hear from my sponsor or my team again?
Absolutely not!  You are joining a large, supportive team with many training opportunities (and one supportive facebook group page).  I'll be there every step of the way helping you be the best you can be. I will be there to help you set up your own parties, market yourself, and find opportunities to sell Jamberry.  We'll talk nearly every day, and I'll offer you rewards and incentives for reaching your goals!  I'll probably even send you a Christmas card!  I am most definitely here to help, support and coach you. Not only that, Jamberry offers a great rewards program for consultants who are in their first three months of selling Jamberry!  It's called the Fast Start.  It's designed to help you really get on your feet by not only showing you how to set clear sales goals, but also giving you free products and cash when you reach those goals. It will help you build inventory and materials. During that time you'll also be invited to company Webinars to learn tips and techniques to help you on your way (if you can't make the actual webinar, they'll send you a link so that you can watch it another time.

Hopefully I have answered all your questions and concerns about joining this fantastic team and having your chance at a great opportunity.  If not, please feel free to contact me and ask me any questions you may have.

Or visit my site to learn more so you can start your own business today!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What is Jamberry?

Has anyone else ever tried Jamberry nail wraps? I have tried different types of wraps ranging from dollar store quality to the better drugstore brands. I finally just tried the Jamberry ones for the first time last week. I love them. They are so quick and easy and most importantly very durable. Since I make jewelry and have a lot of wear and tear on my nails, they still haven't chipped and look as good as when I first applied them, very impressed. Want to try jamberry nail wraps before you buy simply request your FREE SAMPLE!

Why choose Jamberry:
• Made in the USA
• Can be used on acrylic and gel nails
• Won't damage your natural nails

• No dry time
• No harmful chemicals
• No chipping
• No smudging
• Lasts up to 2 weeks on fingernails
• Lasts up to 6 weeks on toenails
• Over 400 designs
• Non-toxic
• Formaldehyde-free
• Latex-free

• Gluten-free
• Never tested on animals

The story of Jamberry Nails begins with three sisters who possess distinct personal tastes, but share a love for style. After an expensive afternoon together at the nail salon, Lyndsey, Christy and Keri vowed to find a simpler, more cost effective way to keep their hands looking polished, while still spending time together.

After lots of trial and error, the proprietary nail wraps of Jamberry Nails launched in late 2010. The DIY, at-home application and incredible variety of designs caught on quickly and sales soared. A new era of nail art was born.

Gone are the days of nails that chip and flake after only a few days! Gone are the days of the single colored manicure. Gone are the mani/pedis that take all afternoon and most of your cash too! Jamberry nail wraps arm you with style and confidence while demanding very little of your time or money.

Join the nail revolution, ladies!

Shop anytime Day or Night: