Saturday, January 31, 2015


Jamberry’s Colour of the Year 2015: Marsala

 Pantone’s announcement of the colour of the year is a big deal in the fashion world. The new colour is usually a reflection of style trends, and every designer, stylist, and makeup company has fun incorporating the newest colour fad in their designs and styles. Jamberry has lots of fun taking the new color to your nails!   Shop the latest collection today!


The newest colour of the year is called Marsala and it is a lot like a rich Marsala wine. The reddish-brown hue features natural earth-tones, characteristic of exotic spices. The sophisticated yet neutral shade allows you to pair designs in the Colour of the Year collection with your personal sense of style. I’m so excited to share the new Jamberry Marsala designs.

Shop the latest collection today!

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